“Beautiful, poetic. Town of Strangers leads us to reflect on ourselves, what it means to be an immigrant, how the passage of time makes us all strangers, somehow, in our own fleeting lives. The formal innovation and lyrical confection create a strange alchemy.”  

“It is exactly what I hunger to watch. I LOVE her way of looking – the humanity! And humour and questions… Deep and gentle. Incisive and kind”

“A distinctive film that is both wonderfully offbeat and thoughtful”

“So many documentaries you see now are exploitative or sensationalist. Town of Strangers, on the other hand, was complex and unresolved, mysterious and restrained, just like most real people”

“A sensitive and engaging depiction of human connection, with all its fragilities, and, in doing so, beautifully reflects on contemporary rural Ireland.”


82mins ‧ HDV ‧ Ireland ‧ 2018

There are only two stories: a person goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.

A stranger arrives to a rural village and calls for auditions asking people to tell her ‘dreams, lies, memories and gossip’.  

Together, they go on a cinematic journey to explore their waking and dreaming lives. Featuring a cast of migrant workers, hippies, Travellers, blow-ins and newly arrived refugees, we are ushered into the private worlds of people living between two cultures, sharing their desires of longing and belonging.

Writer & Director:  Treasa O’Brien

Executive Producer: Joshua Oppenheimer (dir. The Act of Killing)

Producers: Martha O’Neill (Wildfire Films) & Treasa O’Brien (Stinging Hornet Films)

Cinematography: Gina Ferrer & Treasa O’Brien

Editor: Mirjam Strugalla



The Whale Theatre, Wicklow 10 Sept 2020

Flying Broom Feminist Film Festival, Turkey 2020

Rejkavik Feminist Film Festival, Iceland 2020

Glór, Ennis, Co. Clare, 2019

Heart of Gort Festival, 2019

Docs Ireland Belfast 2019

Dingle Film Festival 2019

Cork Film Festival 2018

Galway Film Fleadh 2018


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Still from 'Town of Strangers' 2018
Still from 'Town of Strangers' 2018
Still from 'Town of Strangers' 2018
Still from 'Town of Strangers' 2018

‘Town of Strangers’ ‧ Treasa O’Brien ‧ 82mins ‧ HDV ‧ Ireland ‧ 2018


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